Motor Oil Misconceptions

Changing your car's motor oil is a routine part of vehicle maintenance. Whether you do it yourself at home or take it to a Millbury, MA oil change business, there are some common misunderstandings surrounding motor oil. The following two common misconceptions might be creating added expenses.

Your oil filter shouldn't just be changed every few oil changes. It should be changed every time you change the oil. Since the purpose of the oil filter is to trap impurities that could be dangerous to your engine, it needs to be changed, so the new oil doesn't become contaminated as it passes through the filter.

Another motor oil myth is that you can't switch back to traditional oil after using synthetic oil. As long as you choose an oil with the same viscosity rating, your car will run excellently. Come by and ask Herb Chambers Maserati of Millbury all your oil-related questions.

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