Change Over to Winter Wiper Blades

The summer months with the intense heat can cause your wiper blades to wear out quickly. Now that the winter weather is fast approaching, Herb Chambers Maserati of Millbury located in Millbury, MA suggests that you consider putting winter wiper blades on your vehicle. They come with some distinct advantages.

When the snow and ice of winter come, summer wiper blades are not as reliable. They are made of a material that causes them to get brittle in the cold weather. They also have difficulty moving heavy snow off of your windshield. Summer blades may become damaged more easily in icy conditions.

Winter wiper blades are made from materials that remain flexible in the cold weather. Winter wiper blades are very sturdy. They can more easily move the heavy snow off of your windshield. Winter blades are made so that they can withstand icy conditions and not become damaged as easily as summer wiper blades.

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