How to Prevent Your Car from Being Stolen

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that more than 750,000 vehicles are stolen every year. The faster a criminal can access the interior and drive away with a vehicle, the more appealing that vehicle becomes. However, there are a number of ways for owners to make their car, SUV or truck less of a target.

Easy preventative measures include closing all windows and locking all doors before leaving the vehicle. Never leave keys in a vehicle. Do not leave a vehicle running and unattended. Always park in well-lighted areas. Do not leave valuables in plain sight.

Consider installing some type of anti-theft technology. Alarm systems may cause the head and tail lights to flash while emitting a loud, audible sound. Steering wheel locks are another alternative. More complex immobilizing devices prevent thieves from hot-wiring a vehicle by blocking electricity to the starter or fuel to the engine. See the features in our new models at Herb Chambers Maserati of Millbury.

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