How Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors Work

Auto-dimming rearview mirrors are great tools for preventing temporary blindness while driving at night. Auto-dimming mirrors take that bright light from the car behind you and convert it into energy with electronic sensors.

Your auto-dimming mirror likely has two sensors. One might be a camera and the other a photodiode-based photodetector. That is a fancy way of saying the sensor detects very bright light. When one of the sensors detects bright headlights shining into the mirrors at night, it sends an electric charge through an electrochromic gel beneath the mirror. That gel is dark and is situated between to glass layers that create the mirror effect.

The electric charge adjusts the level of darkness almost instantly. That makes it easier for your mirror to auto-adjust and dim the bright light behind you, rather than blinding you while driving. You no longer need to manually adjust the mirror or suffer temporary blindness.

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