Understanding the Oil Can Label

The motor oil viscosity ratings give essential information. The rating has three parts. The first number is the low-temperature rating, followed by the letter W, and then the warm air oil rating. For example, 10 W 30 is a popular type of motor oil.

Millbury-area drivers understand that motor oil is essential to their engines. It lubricates parts and reduces heat and friction that causes wear and damage. Oil changes are only effective if done in a timely way. If drivers do not make changes when needed, then the oil can break down and fail to protect the engine

At Herb Chambers Maserati of Millbury, we have expert technicians standing by to service your vehicle. They will show the options that meet your vehicle's specifications including the synthetic oils and products with helpful additives. Regular oil changes are essential to long engine life. Please call for an appointment or stop by today.



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