Sluggish Engine? It Might Be Your Fuel Pump

The primary purpose of your fuel pump is to deliver a consistent flow of fuel to the engine whenever you push down on the gas pedal. When the fuel pump is faulty, it might feel as if your engine is sluggish or unresponsive. Here is a quick look at a few more signs that your fuel pump could be damaged.

As soon as you notice any changes to your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, you should immediately contact a mechanic to have the combustion system checked. You also need to keep an eye on how hot your engine gets while running. If the fuel pump is faulty, then your engine will need to work much harder than it is supposed to. If the fuel pump is severely damaged, then your car might stall completely whenever you rev the engine.

Our team of mechanics in Millbury, MA can help you keep your vehicle running smoothly. Stop by Herb Chambers Maserati of Millbury today for all of your maintenance needs.

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